Stefan Saigau

elite personal trainer

at VirginActive West London

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About your fitness instruction

Should you decide you want to take up fitness instruction with Stefan, the first step will be to discuss what you want to achieve, and to conduct a thorough assessment.


From there, Stefan will create your own personal exercise plan, designed to optimise the results of your stated goals. Stefan meticulously studies current research, and is renowned for using highly scientific methods, to be able to offer you a superior package.


Over time, your exercise plan will also be adapted as you progress, to ensure you never reach those frustrating plateaus.


However, you can count on Stefan to be much more than just a fitness instructor - but instead to also motivate you through the tough times, assist with diet changes if necessary, and most of all to help you to enjoy the time spent exercising.

The benefits of undertaking professional fitness instruction include:

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your goal

is my goal

  • Put you in the best possible position to live a healthy life in old age

  • Tone your muscles and carve inches off your waist and hips

  • Abolish muscle aches and pains

  • Improve your posture

  • Put an end to joint stiffness

  • Give you a graceful, easy stride

  • Eliminate fatigue, improve circulation, digestion and sleeping habits

  • Enhance your stamina for the day ahead

  • Build strength, prevent bone loss

  • But most importantly look great, and feel terrific